Spring Lawn Care

The “Do’s” of Spring Lawn Care:

As usual there is some snow mold injury on lawns and there are definitely areas where the turf is very matted and ugly. For an early spring activity, consider doing some light raking of the lawn with a leaf rake to help stand up some of the matted tissue and help the new emerging turf break through from the snow mold and matting type injury. Don’t get too aggressive, you don’t want to rip up turf, just clean up debris and remove dead tissue.

Time to get the mower out, but not to mow – rather to do some maintenance. Now would be a good time to fire it up to make sure everything is working properly before you actually need to mow. Also, it’s a great time to sharpen the blades. The mower service shops are probably not swamped yet, but give them another couple weeks, and it could be a long line and long delay if you need any work done on the mower.

The “Don’ts” of Spring Lawn Care:

Are you considering dethatching your lawn? Unless you are looking for an excuse to get a good workout, I strongly encourage you to reconsider. Follow this link to find out why Michigan State University does not recommend dethatching: Dethatching

Lawn Rolling:

We roll lawns with our 3000 pound asphalt steam roller: Rolling. If you are interested in a price for this service, please contact us. If you roll your lawn yourself, it will need to be aerated some time this year to relieve the compaction created by the roller.