Get Rid of Chipmunks

chimpmunk trapChipmunks and ground squirrels can become overpopulated enough to cause unacceptable levels of damage to lawns, gardens, and landscape beds as they forage for food and shelter. Chipmunks are very cute but they can also be very destructive. They dig in the landscaping and under patios, porches, and sidewalks.

Eliminating summer bird feeding, removing brush piles, tall weeds and other shelter can help reduce the population, but often there is enough natural vegetation to allow chipmunks and ground squirrels to take over.

Through a series of semi-weekly visits, we set-up secure trapping stations throughout your landscape, in the areas chipmunks and ground squirrels frequent.

Traps are safe and secure from non-target animals, pets, and children, so only chipmunks and squirrels are likely to enter.  We use an organic bait that is not attractive to birds or other wildlife; no poisons are used in this program.

We set-up a trapping blitz using 8 to 12 trapping stations, each with two snap-traps inside, and place them around your property in the areas most frequented by chipmunks.  We come out once a week for 6 weeks to empty, re-set, and move trapping stations.

We use snap traps that are hidden in trap stations.  Neither the traps nor any trapped animal can be seen from the outside.  This also keeps children and pets from being exposed to the traps.