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Outdoor Insect Control

Keeping the Outdoor Insects Outside

There aren’t a lot of good reasons to have outdoor insects on the inside of your home. Most unwelcome are the ones with stingers, such as wasps and hornets. Then there’s the crawling ones such as ants, spiders, earwigs, centepedes, fleas, ticks, bedbugs and other ‘icky’ ones that seem to be found most often under a bare foot or sharing your morning shower.

Bug Barrier outdoor insect controlOur Bug Barrier treatment is an excellent way to protect your family from the outdoor insect invasion. By spraying around the base of your house as well as the gutters, fascia, and play areas for bugs, we create an insect shield around the outside of your home that controls outdoor insects such as wasps, spiders, ants, and other creepy crawlies.

Bug Barrier applications are made every 3 weeks starting in April and ending in October.  The product we use is labeled to also address fleas, ticks, and bed bugs and may be used in kennels, food handling places, hotels, malls, offices and grocery stores. That said, we do notify you BEFORE we come out and we do suggest keeping pets and infants away from the freshly sprayed areas. If you have more questions about this treatment, please contact us. Our 8 applications of Bug Barrier are guaranteed to control outdoor insects or we will come out and re-spray at no extra charge.

Our Bug Barrier Treatment has been developed to keep the outdoor insects out and provides excellent

  • Ant Control
  • Spider Control
  • Wasp Control
  • Bee Control
  • Control of most other crawling Insects

For those large and/or problematic ant hills in the yard, we also offer a separate ant treatment program for ants in the grass. This program consists of granular applications of an insecticide that not only kills ants, but also fleas and ticks.