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Pest Solutions

Pests come in a variety of forms: weeds, insects, animals, molds, and fungi to name a few. The need to control them and the pest solutions varies. Having some weeds in your garden or some grubs in your lawn may be tolerable.

However, certain pests present serious threats. Some pests can damage human and animal health, such as mosquitoes that carry diseases. Pesticides provide relief from many pests, but they are not the only solution to pest problems. TuffTurf Insect Busters can identify the pests and help you develop a pest solution program.

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Mosquitoes – Besides being an annoying flying insect, they can also spread diseases like West Nile and Lyme Disease.

Grass Ants – These are a big concern for people with a sand base soils.

Flea & Tick – Protect your family and outdoor pets from these dangerous and growing population of blood sucking pests.

Wasps, Spiders, and Ants – Then there’s a whole assortment of other creepy crawly insects that can get in and around your home, including spiders, earwigs, box elder bugs, stink bugs and more. Our Bug Barrier program takes care of them all.