Vegetation Control

Non-selective weed control in non-crop areas, often referred to as Industrial Weed Control, or a variety of phrases including the term ‘total vegetation control‘, is the practice of maintaining vegetation-free areas during the course of the growing season.

Examples of commercial sites where this is practiced include railroads, highway shoulders and guide rails, fence lines, electrical substations, refineries, storage tank areas, pipelines, parking lots, tower bases, lumber yards, around signposts – any place where vegetation can grow, but function or maintenance is improved in the absence of vegetation. For the residential customer, these would include pavement cracks, gravel lots, and bark beds.

The reasons to control vegetation are many and varied. Examples include reduction of fire hazard, improved access and visibility, reduction of vermin habitat and cover, ease of maintenance, improved surface drainage, and aesthetics or curb appeal.

Vegetation control through chemical means is the use of pesticides. Examples of pesticides include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, and nematicides. Pesticides are an extremely useful, but potent tool.

Vegetation control is most often accomplished with herbicides. The art of vegetation control is being able to apply herbicide treatments potent enough to prevent the growth of vegetation for the entire growing season, yet limit the activity of these treatments to very specific areas without affecting nearby non-targets. This is best accomplished through knowledge of the site to be treated and characteristics of available herbicides.

We offer non-selective vegetation control to get rid of weeds as a service to homeowners that do not want to spend their time pulling weeds out of the beds or driveway, restaurants and stores that need better curb appeal, and industrial sites that want everything in sight killed, sometimes called ‘scorched earth’ or ‘bare ground’.

Tuff Turf provides this service every 2 – 3 weeks throughout the growing season. We have the equipment and experience to service municipality right of ways, but our expertise is with homeowners and taking care of the beds at their house.