Early Fall Lawn Care

Fertilize One Last Time:

Welcome Fall! As the weather turns colder, the best thing you can do for your lawn is fertilize and spray for weeds one last time before winter. This gives an extra boost to your lawn to make it though winter and eliminates some weeds before they can come up in spring. Give us a call today!

Tree & Shrub Feeding:

You love your yard, but it’s not all lawn, is it? Did you know that the fertilizer we put on your lawn does not reach the root zone of your trees and shrubs? Love your trees and shrubs this fall with our deep root feeding program. Every autumn, your leaves decompose providing essential nutrients to your plants. During fall clean up, you are eliminating those nutrients from the base of the plant.

Our deep root feeding provides proper nutrients to maintain strong healthy plants and helps them recover faster in the springtime.