Late Summer Lawn Care

Turf Stress and Disease:

Red Thread

The next couple of weeks are the worse time of the year for our grass. The heat and humidity will bring out a lot of diseases. The most common are Leaf Spot, Dollar Spot, and Red Thread. If you lawn was originally sodded, you also need to look out for Necrotic Ring Spot. Diseases sometimes can be prevented by mowing high and proper watering. If the lawn is not getting enough water and goes into drought stress, it is more easily attacked by insects. If the lawn is getting too much water, it can also be stressed and allow for diseases to spread.

Now is also the time when we typically start seeing damage caused by insects like chinch bug and sod webworm.

For the next couple of weeks, mow your lawn at the highest mower setting. Mow frequently enough to avoid wind rows of clippings. The tendency is to mow the lawn short prior to leaving on vacation. This can really stress out the grass. You are better off trying to find somebody to mow it for you while you are gone. If you are looking for a mowing contractor to mow your lawn while you are gone, contact me for a referral. The alternative is to come back to a lawn that is 8 inches tall, and gradually try to bring it back down. This is also a better option than mowing it short prior to leaving.

Try to avoid watering in the evening. However, if watering in the evening is your only option it is still better than not watering at all.