Bug Proofing My Home

Damp weather is on the way:

…which means it is time to “bug-proof” your house. In reality it would be impossible to make your home completely insect free, but there are some modifications you can make to your home environment to limit pest entry into your home.

Check Your Doors:

Make sure that the door is flush with your floor. Many occasional invaders will sense the different air currents leaving your home, and be attracted to warmer temperatures and smells found inside. By adding some weather stripping to the bottom of your front door, you can make the door flush with the ground, thus limiting pest entry.

Check Your Screen Windows:

Where possible make sure that all windows have a screen to prevent entry from insect pests. This is especially important if you live near any bodies of water. Insects that are attracted to lights around your home will enter through open windows. Check to make sure the screens do not have any holes that would allow insects to enter your home.

Do Bug Zappers Work?

Bug zappers emit UV light which is highly attractive to insects. Sure, a bug zapper will kill some bugs, but it will bring in more bugs than it kills. Don’t waste your money.