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Grand Rapids Michigan Mole and Vole Control – What Do I Have?

February 7th, 2024 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

How Do I Know If I Have Moles or Voles?!

Mole activity vs vole activity












While both moles and voles are small mammals that burrow underground, they show different signs of activity and behaviors. Recognizing these distinctions is crucial for effectively managing issues related to their presence, particularly in gardening, landscaping, and overall lawn care.

Mole Activity:

  • Signs include dirt piles, surface ridges, and trails that squish when you walk on them.
  • This activity is the result of moles excavating tunnels underground and pushing up soil to the surface.
  • Moles primarily feed on earth worms which is why permanent removal is not 100% guaranteed.
  • Their tunneling behavior is extensive, creating complex networks of tunnels underground.
  • Moles prefer moist, loose soil and are often found in gardens, fields, and woodland areas.
  • Their activity can be overwhelming in the Spring when snow begins to melt and Fall as temperatures cool down.

Vole Activity:

  • Signs include surface runways, gnaw marks on plants, and the presence of burrow entrances in grassy areas or under vegetation.
  • Voles primarily feed on plant material such as grasses, roots, seeds, and bulbs.
  • They create shallower tunnels compared to moles, often hidden beneath grass or vegetation.
  • In the grass, you’ll notice what looks like as if a garden hose had been laying on the yard.
  • Voles inhabit various environments including grasslands, meadows, and orchards.
  • Like moles, their activity can be overwhelming in the Spring when snow begins to melt and Fall as temperatures cool down.


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