Lawn Maintenance

Patchy lawns

April 23rd, 2015 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Grass varieties come out of dormancy at different rates.  If your lawn looks more like art than grass, don’t worry.  Kentucky Bluegrass is the last grass to green up.  That means if your lawn is still dormant and not growing, you have more Kentucky Bluegrass. If neighbor’s lawn is greener than yours right now have patience, because you will have a nicer looking lawn in the summer. 


I know most people are thinking that their lawn never looked patchy before, but it might now.  While it is true that annual bluegrass and bentgrass patches keep growing and expanding every year, the reality is your lawn was spotty last spring.  The grass will blend together in another shortly and the different varieties of grass will not be as noticeable.  We take a lot of pride in our lawns, so our memories completely block this time in the spring where the grass looks bad. 

spotty lawn 


Wrong sprayer

April 22nd, 2015 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

You know you grabbed the wrong sprayer when……….

burnt lawn








And no. this was not done by us!

Skunks are actively digging in lawns

September 16th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Skunks are tearing up a lot of lawns in west Michigan right now in search of food.  The most likely item they are searching for is grubs.  Even if you kill the grubs, skunks will continue to dig for another week or two.  Your best option is to trap them and relocate them.

It is a good time of the year to be grass

September 12th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Many people tend to give up on their lawn after summer with the mindset that the season is over and they can start over next year.  This is a bad mindset because now we have the best growing conditions of the year with cooler temperatures (or arctic temperatures like today), adequate rain, heavy dew, and days that can still give plenty of sun.

Now is the best time of the year to seed.  If you have thin spots or bare spots you have another good week or 2 to seed them.  I would not wait too much longer because this is Michigan and we might have 3 feet of snow on the ground next month.

You should be watering once a day for 7-10 minutes per zone with the rotary heads and 3-5 minutes per day with the pop up heads.  If we continue to have rain once or twice a week you can turn off your sprinklers.  If we go more than 2 days without rain, turn them back on.

Slime Mold

July 11th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Slime Mold

The frequent rain has created an explosion of slime mold in the bark beds lately. While it may look like your dog was sick or your crazy uncle drank too much, it is a fungus. It is not toxic. It can be yellow, gray, black, or other colors. You don’t have to spray it with anything. Grab a shovel, dig it up, and throw it away. This is more common in beds that had fresh bark this spring.

Heat Tracks

June 7th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Maple Seedlings in the lawn

May 16th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Maple Tree Seedlings

April 25th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Maple tree seedlings started to grow last weekend and are now spreading heavily through lawns. There is no need to worry about these because they will all die when you mow the lawn. It might take one or 2 mowings because the trees have to be tall enough for you to cut off the leaf. If the seedlings are too short the mower will pass right over them. If you want to live in a jungle you can save the trees and try to mow around all of them. If your children have cabin fever send them outside to dig up and transplant the trees (it will occupy them for days!)

Why are there so many this year?
I do not yet know the science behind it, but last fall we had a bumper crop of helicopters. I have a gutter helmet on my roof and I still had to get up there and blow the helicopters off. The helicopters are the seedlings that you see growing in the lawn.
Maple Seedlings

April 18th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Nice article by Kevin Frank from MSU on mole and vole damage along with snow mold.  Click here to read the article.

Lawn Care Myths

March 24th, 2014 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

Below, you can find a link to an article that debunks many myths about lawn care practices.  Many of these could help make or break your lawn this season!

10 Myths about Lawn Care