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While we are recognized for our vehicles with moles on the roof, we provide more than just mole control.  Our “roots” are in lawn fertilizing, lawn rolling, and core aeration.  Moles, voles, mosquitoes, wasps, fleas, and ticks are pests that keep our clients from enjoying their lawns.  We now have a pest control division to handle these problems.  

“If I kill the grubs, will the moles will move away?”

NO!  Moles primarily eat worms, so controlling grubs will not deter mole activity.  Our mole program consists of visits every other week in which we place  mole traps in the traveling runs and a bait in the feeding runs.  We also spray the border with Scoot Mole to keep the current moles in so that they can be killed by the traps or baits.  Repellents work when used in a program with traps and baits, but are not that great when used by themselves.  Our pricing is based on the size of your lawn.  Simply fill out the form below and we will promptly reply back with an estimate.  

    Lawn Fertilizing
    Mole or Voles
    Lawn Rolling
    Mosquito Control
    Bug Barrier
    Flea & Tick Control
    Chipmunk Trapping
    Deer & Rabbit Control

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