Free Core Aeration & Surface Feeders Application

Core Aeration is the removal of small plugs of soil to allow air, nutrients, and moisture to reach the root zone.  There is no better way to help your lawn recover from the heat of summer than by aerating the lawn.


The surface feeder application will control turf damaging insects like chinch bugs, sod webworm, and bill bug.

To receive the free aeration and surface feeders application a 2017 Premium Lawn Fertilizing Program must be prepaid with a check by 10/31/2016.  We plan on finishing our aeration routes by October21, so if you would like the aeration this fall, you will need to act ASAP.  A Premium Lawn Program is 6 applications of fertilizer, crabgrass & broadleaf weed control, merit grub preventor, and free service calls.  If you would like a quote email, or click here to search our database for your address.