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Our mole-busting team
Our mole-busting team

Meet The Tuff Turf Team

Tuff Turf Molebuster’s Mission Statement:

We are a growing, family-owned lawn care and pest control company. We are dedicated to providing superior quality and service through our values-driven, knowledgeable, professional team.

As a leader in the industry, we strive to provide a healthy, vibrant lawn for all our valued clients.

Jim ZylstraJim 2016
Jim is the Owner of Tuff Turf Molebusters and has worked in the industry since 1984.
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Family: Jim is married and has three boys
Favorite Movie: Fletch
Favorite Author: Dave Ramsey
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere in the Caribbean
Hobbies: Basketball and Boating
Email me at Jim@Tuffturfmolebusters.com.


Lawn Care Technicians:

Chelsea Wilson
Chelsea has worked in the industry since 2003.
Birthplace: Traverse City, Michigan
Favorite Movie: The Godfather
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere warm
Hobbies: Traveling and spending time with friends

Josh YskesJosh Web
Josh has worked in the industry since 2006.
Birthplace: St. Joseph, Michigan
Family: Josh is married
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Vacation Spot: Smoky Mountains in North Carolina
Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, Hunting and Fishing.

Nolan BrowerNolan
Nolan has worked in the industry since 2015.
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
Favorite Music: Alternative
Favorite Author: Brandon Sanderson
Favorite Vacation Spot: Northern Michigan
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Basketball, and Playing Poker

Josh MeinkeJosh M

Josh has worked in the industry since 2008.
Birthplace: Wayland, Michigan
Family: Josh has four boys
Favorite Music: Country and Alternative
Favorite Sports Team: Michigan State
Hobbies: Spending time with his wife and being outdoors


Pest Control Technicians:

Carl Walters
Carl has worked in the industry since 2013.
Birthplace: Dayton, Ohio
Favorite Vacation Spot: Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Hobbies: Camping and Kayaking

Adam Lenartz Adam
Adam has worked in the industry since 2011.
Birthplace: Traverse City, Michigan
Family: Adam is married with two daughters
Favorite Activity: Fishing

Trent Buist

Trent and his wife Michelle live in Jenison. They have been married for 10 years and have 2 daughters and a boy. He enjoys spending his time outdoors, working on his lawn, camping, hiking, and spending time with his family and friends. He is a Jeff Gordon fan. He joins our team with 22 years of experience for a car wash.


Office Staff:

Jeff Skully

Jeff is our general manager. He joined the team in 2005 as a lead field tech and worked his way up. He has over 25 years of experience in the lawn care industry. He has been married over 30 years to his wife Julie. Jeff is also a brewery connoisseur. Email him at Jeff@Tuffturfmolebusters.com.



Bill Vandelune
Bill has been in the industry since 2004, and with Tuff Turf Molebusters since 2009. He is currently our office administrator.
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, MI
Family: Bill is married with two daughters.
Favorite Sport: MMA & Hockey
Favorite Team: Grand Rapids Griffins
Favorite Vacation Activity: Disney Cruises in the Caribbean
Hobbies: Playing with his kids and participating in Spartan Races

Richard Green
Richard has worked in the industry since 2009
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Favorite Music: Classic Rock
Favorite Author: Tom Clancy
Favorite Vacation Spot: Yankee Springs
Hobbies: Canoeing, Camping, and being outdoors


Chad Zwyghuizen
Chad has worked in the industry since 2009.
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Family: Chad is married and has five kids
Hobbies: Hunting, and Fishing



Digger is the Tuff Turf Molebusters Mascot he can be found all around West Michigan during events throughout the year. He is probably the only mole you will ever see above ground!


My Family:

Vickie Zylstra

Vickie and I have been married since 1996. Vickie works part-time as an accountant for a local automotive components company. She also helps out in the Tuff Turf office.

Nathan Zylstra

Nathan is my 15 year old entrepreneur. He caught his first mole in the fall of 2006. He has started his own company called Antbusters, and he kills ants with his foot or a magnifying lens (he charges by the hour, so you have to watch him)! Nate helps to keep the grounds around the shop looking good. Also helps out by building some of our chipmunk traps.

Sam Zylstra

Sam is my 11 year old Mole-Buster-in-training. He loves to follow along with his dad and big brother. Sam helps out with many tasks around the office which include making posting signs, cleaning, making chipmunk traps and stuffing envelopes.

Andrew (Drew) Zylstra

My strong willed 8-year-old who enjoys time with me hunting moles. Drew has an ongoing war with Jeff. The victor may never be decided.

Ruby (The Guard)

Our office and shop dog. She is always around to beg for attention and treats. She has the staff trained to keep treats in their drawers and on the work bench.