West Michigan Lawn Care: How To Control Moles and Chipmunks

June 14th, 2024 by Tuff Turf Molebusters

In The Field: June 10, 2024 – June, 14, 2024 

Moles live mostly underground, building complex tunnels to find food, for living, and nesting. They create surface tunnels to find food like earthworms and insects, and deeper tunnels for habitation. Although their tunneling can disrupt yards, it benefits the soil by aerating and mixing it. Moles are territorial, using their sense of touch and smell to navigate and find food. Their activity increases in spring and fall, with deeper digging in winter and summer to avoid extreme temperatures. Understanding their behavior reveals the challenges of managing them in yards. Ironically, we found a mole out in the middle of the road this week! How it got there…who knows?!


Chipmunks on the other hand dig extensive burrows with multiple entrances for food storage, nesting, and to simply escape. Active during the day, they forage for seeds, nuts, fruits, and insects, storing food in their cheek pouches. They help the ecosystem by dispersing seeds and aerating soil, but their burrowing can damage gardens, lawns, and foundations. To manage chipmunks, use barriers, traps, or repellents, and minimize food sources to discourage them. We found a chipmunk hole in the middle of the yard which isn’t as common as finding their holes near cement pathways.











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