Yellow Nutsedge


Yellow nutsedge is also referred to as nutgrass or swamp grass. It is not a true grass but rather a member of the sedge family. It can be recognized by its erect 3-angled shiny yellow-green grass-like leaves.

Nutsedge reproduces primarily by its underground tubers. The tubers have the ability to remain dormant for 10+ years in the soil then germinate under ideal growing conditions.

Unlike most grass weeds, yellow nutsedge is not controlled with applications of traditional broadleaf weed control or crabgrass control products. We do have a product that kills yellow nutsedge, but it is not part of our regular program. If only a few yellow nutsedge plants are present, careful hand pulling may be the best way to selectively get rid of the weeds. For best results, begin physically removing the weeds as soon as the plants are observed. Removal of the entire plant including root systems is necessary. Pulling mature plants is difficult because these plants will often break off at the soil surface; allowing the tuber development to continue.