Thistle is a green weed, covered with needle-like spines. It has green spiky leaves protruding from the stem. A purple or pink flower grows from the top of this plant, making it easy to identify. The flowers have tooth-like leaves emerging from the top of the most upright stem. Normally, thistle grows to be 1 to 4 feet tall.

Thistle grows in clusters, spreads quickly and can be difficult to control. It is a perennial, meaning it spreads by both roots and seeds. It spreads aggressively by means of its horizontal underground creeping roots that can exceed up to 5 meters long. It can tolerate very low temperatures, but is less successful in hot dry conditions.

Thistle Control

Thistle is a troublesome weed. The most effective way to remove thistle is using a 2 way broadleaf herbicide, containing 4-D and MCPP. The best time to control weeds are in the fall or spring. Our professional weed control team can get the job done and kill the thistle growing in your lawn today.

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