Spurge is a low-growing summer annual broadleaf plant that often forms a dense mat when it grows in clusters. It thrives in hot, sunny, and dry locations. The leaves are oval and slightly pointed at the tip. It is characterized for having a maroon/dark red colored blotch in the middle of its leaves. The stems are reddish, and ooze a milky, sticky sap when broken.

Spurge weeds can grow to be 20 inches long, and have multiple branches with leaves growing bilaterally. May through October, spurge weeds produce small, yellow to light pink colored flowers. If eaten, spurge can cause mild to severe digestive tract irritation and in extreme cases, death.

Spurge Control

Using proper control you can not only eliminate it from your lawn, but you can also prevent it from re-growing. Our professionals know the right way to get rid of a large spotted spurge problem. Spurge weeds can be controlled with a 3 way herbicide containing Dicamba, MCPP, and 2 4-D.

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