What is purslane? Purslane is a weedy summer annual, and can easily grow and spread fast. Purslane grows best when conditions are hot and dry. It is known for its smooth, shiny, and oval-shaped green leaves and a reddish color stem, which usually grows to be about 12 inches long. This weed has tiny, light pink to yellow flowers that open only in direct sunlight. Purslane is typically found growing in the cracks of sidewalks, gardens, and on lawns near the edges of pavement. This weed is not harmful, and most commonly is used in cooking cuisines around the world.

Purslane Control

Extracting purslane is difficult due to the large number of seedlings that the plant produces. A few small plants the first year can become a carpet of plants the following year, which is why it should be controlled immediately. Our professionals can easily kill the purslane that is growing on your lawn. We use a 3 way broadleaf herbicide. This 3 way weed control contains two 4-D, Dicamba, and MCPP.

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