Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie, Creeping Charley or Ground Ivy is a common name for three species of flowering plants. Most commonly, it is an aromatic (minty scent) perennial among the evergreen family. A Creeping Charlie can be identified by its fan-shaped flowers that are attached to stems that root at the nodes of the plant.

Creeping Charlie becomes a problem in heavy, dense soils with good fertility and lots of moisture. Although it can also be a problem in sunny areas of a lawn, the weed thrives in shaded areas among grasslands, woods or wastelands.

Creeping Charlies survives mowing and can take over areas of a lawn. Creeping Charlie has a fiberous root system and is not easily controlled by pulling.

Creeping Charlie Control

Creeping Charlie can be controlled with a good 3 way product containing Dicamba, 2,4-D, and MCPP.  It will take several applications at 4 week intervals to control this weed.  Our professional weed control applications can easily control this weed.