What is chickweed? Chickweed is a winter annual that grows from seeds that sprout in the fall. When it takes root in your lawn or under your shrubs, it can form thick mats that prevent other plants from growing. It has smooth, oval leaves with a point at the tip. This weed is always flowering, with 5 tiny white petals per flower. The flowers close at night and open in the morning. This weed has a shallow root system, which allows it to grow very easily in a variety of environments. Chickweed is known as a widespread and successful weed.

Chickweed Control

It should be controlled before it flowers, which makes fall and spring the best times to control this weed. Our professionals can easily kill chickweed that is growing in your lawn. We use a 3-way broadleaf herbicide. This weed control contains two 4-D, Dicamba and MCPP that will get the job done.

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