Tuff Turf Molebusters proudly offers pest control in Portage, a part of our lawn care services in our vast West Michigan service area. Maybe you’ve seen one of our vehicles? We’re the ones with the huge moles bursting out of the top!

About Portage, MI

Portage residents enjoy affordable housing with low taxes, safe and well-maintained neighborhoods, world-class healthcare, enriching activities and entertainment, and a unique parks system that connects citizens to each other and the natural world.

Originally, the lush land of Portage had been largely ignored by the early westerly migration of settlers due to the mistaken belief that it was an uninhabitable swamp, unfit for cultivation. Surprisingly, later settlers discovered the rich soil made a perfect growing environment for celery. By the 1880s, Portage had earned the distinction of “Celery City” of the nation.

Why Choose Tuff Turf Molebusters?

Being this close to nature also means contending with more bothersome pests disrupting your enjoyment and wreaking havoc with your lawn. Tuff Turf Molebusters has decades of experience helping Portage home owners take back control of their yards, whether it’s our comprehensive pest control, mosquito control, bug barriers, lawn care and diagnostics, or one of our many other services.

Whether making a good impression with a healthy, green front lawn or maintaining your own backyard paradise, Tuff Turf can help.