Administrative Assistant


The basic function of the Administrative Assistant is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the office area functions including customer service, account maintenance, invoicing, collections, and estimate tracking for Tuff Turf Molebusters.
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the bookkeeping and basic administrative tasks for Tuff Turf Molebusters.
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for helping the company grow.  This is done by striving for a high level of customer satisfaction, and following up with all emails and voice mail within an hour.


The Administrative Assistant reports directly to the president and the operations manager.

The following positions report directly to the Administrative Assistant.

There are no positions reporting to the Administrative Assistant.


Requires a High School Diploma with accounting, business classes preferred, with the experience as listed below.

Prefer an Associates degree in Business Administration or Marketing.
Experience must include in depth business P C, Word and Excel spreadsheet knowledge.
Must have the skills and knowledge to keep all lines of communication open within the office, and from external sources to review various statements and update the proper account.  A working knowledge of various filing systems is essential.
Phone communication skills essential to interface with customers for existing lawn services and to solicit new additional services
Mental abilities are required to compute business math formulas and to enter data onto spreadsheets, journals, and ledgers as well as on the computer.
The senses of sight, speech (English) and hearing are required.
The physical requirements are sitting, with ninety-five percent (95%) spent in an office environment.  Walking is required within the office and warehouse areas.  This position requires, besides walking, turning the head and torso, reaching, grasping, bending and flexing the arms, legs, wrists and fingers.  Due to the responsibilities of records maintenance, the Administrative Assistant must lift letter and legal size storage boxes full of records.  The requirements will include standing on short ladders and lifting heavy boxes of thirty (30) plus pounds.

Work done in the office will be subject to outside weather conditions due to the entry and exit of employees, venders, delivery drivers and customers.  The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate and is quiet in the winter.
This is a position visible only to the public and other employees and is suitable for business casual dress and business like behavior.  Dress requirements may change from time to time.

Performs appointed administrative tasks or other tasks assigned by the President or the service manager.
Performs a variety of other duties involving a general knowledge of company operations and activities, including answering the telephone, filing, and other general office tasks.
Maintaining, in good order, all records and files assigned to this function and the safekeeping of all company records.
Ensure that the company is promptly and properly invoicing its customers.  Ensures that any challenges are brought to the immediate attention of the President or operations manager.
Prepares all schedules and documents as required by the President or operations manager for maintenance of the company’s accounting records.

Maintains in good order, all records and files, and ensures the safe keeping of all company records.
Responsible for all tracking and maintenance of any records to as directed by the President or operations manager.
Listens to the President and operations manager when giving instructions and ensuring that the information is understood, and then perform per the instructions.
Required to participate in a regular and formal employee performance evaluation on a set periodic basis (at least once per year).
Must read, understand, and sign that their personal Job Description or Duties List is understood and can be performed properly.
Prepare and submit to the President or operations manager, reports on recommended improvements in policies and procedures.
Supports the use of the functional organization and the use of operating policies and procedures.
Perform any task in Data Entry and procession of A/P, A/R, Invoicing, Cash Receipts, NSF information, Deposit processing, aging reviews, and making appropriate copies of any of the above.
Post Production to lawn service software.
Post Payments to lawn service software.
Process credit card payments.
Checking automatic voice mail system for messages continuously throughout the day.  All messages need to be returned within an hour.
Reading email on a regular basis and promptly returning customer’s emails.
Record and print monthly installments.
Be the primary person to answer the phones.
Renew customer accounts when received.
Make any account information changes when necessary.
Take customer complaint phone calls and respond with proper attitude and with high level of customer service.
Send out bids to construction companies for termite treatment on new construction projects.
Send out follow-up warranty work after pre-pest work is done.
Create and email lawn service estimates.
Make follow up sales calls from estimates.
Make collection calls on past due accounts designated by the President or operations manager.
Make confirmation calls for service in the spring.
Maintains the working area in a neat, orderly and hazard free condition.
Ensures that all company transactions are conducted in an ethical and prudent manner.
Maintains a clean office and orderly files.
Make bank deposits daily.
All federal, state and local laws and regulations are being observed and documents are processed as required.
Safeguards the company against theft of money or embezzlement.
Performs any other duty including the tasks the President or operations manager may assign from time to time.
Keep current on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Supports the Company, the President, the operations manager with accurate and timely information and reports.
Customer complaints about billing or bookkeeping errors are kept to a minimum and are quickly resolved.
All production data and payment information is entered properly and accurately.
Follow up calls on estimates are made daily with notes recorded for follow up.
All customer account information is kept current and accurate.
All collection calls are made and responses documented in lawn service software for review.
Answering the phone is prompt, courteous and with a high level of customer service.
Up selling to additional services and explanation of existing services.
Follow-up warranty work sent out promptly.
Voice mail is checked regularly and messages are returned within an hour.  Messages are typed in a call log properly.
Emails are returned promptly.
All federal, state and local laws and regulations are being observed and documents are processed as required.
The degree of morale and motivation is consistently maintained at a high level.
Supports company policies and regulations.
Gets along with other employees and is considered to be a team player.
Makes effort to learn and understand other segments of lawn service business and accounting areas in order to assist President and service manager in all administrative duties.
Taking pro-active initiative to become the first contact for all customer service questions.
Tardiness and absenteeism is less than 2%.