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Payment in advance by check.NO

Aug 12, 2013 by Richard HARRIS

Payment by check in advance not allowed. So I Trust you to do work, but you don,t trust me to pay inadvance by check. NO SALE

Response: Our policy for the last 2 years is to secure service with a credit card or have a check mailed in. We trust 90% of homeowners. It is the 10% that ruin it for everybody else. Since 2008 our average account balance went from being 22 days old to 40 days old. If the banks tightened up their lending requirements, why should we extend credit without a date of birth, social security number, or even a driver\'s license number. We are not able to run credit reports on homeowners without personal information. Anybody can read reviews about us on multiple sites and check with the Better Business Bureau.

Mole Service

Aug 09, 2013 by Dottie Fix

Thank you so much for your help Jeff. There is a mole trap left in our yard and I would like to know what and where I can get that stuff you put on my yard for the moles. I will be glad to give you a good report. You have helped me very much. My yard looks so much better

Aug 07, 2013 by Ryan Ferris

I have had Tuff Turf come to my home twice now in five years. Both times I was impressed with their service. The employees are very courteous and kind. Anytime I had a question they would take the time answer it. I will definitely call them if I need them in the future and will refer them to everyone I know.

Moles Are Gone!

Aug 06, 2013 by Carl S******

We had terrible mole problems for the last three years. Molebusters helped us eliminate the moles in a few short months. They know what they are doing and, just as important, it's all safe for the environment and pets!!! I highly recommend Molesbusters!

Jul 31, 2013 by Cheryl Vilardi

We had our lawn serviced for mole and caught 13 to date. Our lawn looks so much better without the moles. Hopefully, they are gone for good. I would use Tuff Turf MoleBusters again for any mole problems.

still have mole problems

Jul 17, 2013 by Scotty Melvin

We hired them in May, for 6 weeks of mole service. I had bad mole problems. Well, they put down chemicals, I think, and put in some traps. But 6 weeks later, they never came for the final visit, and left all the traps, which I still have. So, $275 later, I now have even bigger mole problems. And giant mole hills, the size of a basketballs. Sorry guys, you blew it. I even waited a couple of weeks to see if they were gonna come get their stuff, or give me my final visit, before posting.

Response: I apologize you were unsatisfied with your program Mr. Melvin. Our program is designed to be an every other week process spanning 12 weeks. Mr. Melvin demanded that we come out weekly, cutting his program in half giving him only 50% of the amount of coverage that we offer. We also offered to work with Mr. Melvin to continue at the end of the program, he refused this as well.


Jul 12, 2013 by Anissa Rison

No problem. I really appreciate the advise. I just wanted to start with you guys first before looking into any further somewhere else. I am very happy w/your service.


Anissa Rison

No hard selling!

Jul 10, 2013 by Becky Steiner

I had switched to TuffTurf about 5 years ago, when the other company I used began using EXTREMELY persistent, young, unknowledgable phone reps trying to sell additional services that I KNEW I didn't need.

I have been extremely happy with their service. They provide information and suggestions without the hard sell


Jun 18, 2013 by Lori Stream

Thank you! How long would you suggest to water at each time?

Please schedule the extra fertilizer application. I work so hard on my yard I want it to look nice!

I appreciate the service! You guys are great!

our lawn looks great!

May 16, 2013 by Debra Collins

We always get comments on how nice our lawn looks and give credit to tuff turf for helping g us keep it so nice.

Tuff Turf Molebusters 616-554-9499 8788 Eastern Ave SE Byron Center MI, 49315 USA 4.3 5.0 113 113 I want to thank you for the excellent service and complete solution to the large number of moles which had invaded my yard this year.In addition, Chad is a true professional with
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